Tribal Chief

Well come Home
“I want to go home”… I’ve said this very thing millions of times. Sometimes, I was at home but still wanting to go home. I do… I want to go home. But if home is not my place of residence, where is home? I guess home is the place where my soul can rest. However, my spirit is restless and will not rest for long. My spirit wants to grow and produce fruit after its own kind. So I guess home is where I feel rooted and nourished by the Earth and energized by the Sun. I can see this place so clearly but when I open my eyes, I’m back at home; my spirit still yearning to go home. Back to the Earth I go; rooting myself, branching out, producing fruit. The Garden of Eden is my true home.

Kentaya Brown, Founder & CEO

Kentaya Brown is a garden designer, life coach and event planner living and working on Chicago’s westside. As a mother of two and grandmother of one handsome baby boy, she has dedicated life to effecting positive change in her family and community.

Kentaya was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Walt Disney Magnet School where she was exposed to various art forms. It was apparent from a very young age that she would pursue a passion for art throughout her life. She went on to get her high school diploma from Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts and eventually graduated from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale with a bachelor in fine art sculpture degree and minor in marketing.

Kentaya started her career as a volunteer curator for Carbondale Community Arts then moved on to work with the Chicago Park District as an Program and Event Facilitator teaching fitness, nutrition, literacy and art to youth on Chicago’s westside. Also while at the park district Kentaya helped support three park district cultural centers, as an art instructor and cultural liaison.

In 2019 Kentaya embarked on a new path of learning and began her training as a certified landscaper with Green Corp Chicago. She would go on to design community gardens and spread the Eden way.

The History

I had come to a time in my life when, I got what I prayed for but still wasn’t happy. Something was missing and although I had gone through several spiritual awakenings in my life time, I was going through another one. In 2015 I cleared off a wall in my tiny studio apartment, got out some post it notes and started writing down everything that I was missing. It lead me back to the beginning.

Tribe of Eden was inspired by the Biblical story of the seven days of creation and the garden of Eden. I set out to create a lifestyle for myself that mimicked the original intent of God in the Garden of Eden. Eden was a place where the land was new and supported all of creation. Man was given dominion and put in the garden to tend and keep it. We had no knowledge of good and evil; only life. We were naked and unashamed. Our eyes where closed, yet we could see fearlessly.

With my heart fixed on Eden; I took inventory of myself. What can I do to bring Eden into my life? What started out as me discovering my own identity, purpose and power, quickly turned into a story I wanted to share with others. What if there are others? What if we came together? What if we built a village? What if it already exist? I had so many questions. So I’ve gathered my ideas, set up this website and put out the call. Those who can hear the call: wise up, vibe up and tribe up! Welcome to Tribe of Eden

The Vision

I see a world where man is aligned with God’s original purpose and design. We understand our identity, purpose and power. I see a world where the earth supports life and life supports earth. Where we all commit to live in harmony with the earth and work together to create a sustainable lifestyle. We are mindful of the spiritual realm and what we allow into the physical realm.

The Mission

Man must wake up to his identity, purpose and power, abandon his dependence on the artificial and return to God given nature. Our mission is to create the atmosphere for spiritual awakening, positive vibrational energy, holistic health, environmental stewardship and tribal unity. We hope to educate and inspire mankind to leave a lasting legacy of spiritual consciousness and environmental stewardship.