The Eden Way

Tribe of Eden is committed to promoting a lifestyle that is in harmony with the Earth and all its inhabitants. We create high quality exhibits, workshops, programs and events that educate and inspire mankind to leave a legacy of spiritual consciousness and environmental stewardship. Below you will find the 6 commitments that shape our content.

We help support and guide those going through a spiritual awakening. We promote mindfulness of the spirit realm and align our living to work in harmony with nature’s cycle. We teach and train the maintenance of positive vibrational energy. [Learn More]

We believe in human wholeness in spirit, soul and body. We promote peace, relaxation, self-care and holistic growth. We care for our personal needs in a way that honors both, the Creator and His creation. We learn to care for ourselves naturally. [Learn More]

We work to build a tribal culture that is, in tune with the spiritual instincts of Father God, in rhythm with the seasons of Mother Earth and grows organically through families. We choose the tribal way because it reminds us that man belongs to God’s family of nature. [Learn More]

We work to create a space where nature is appreciated and studied; where people learn to live in harmony with the Earth, respect, honor and cultivate it. Protecting and cultivating the Earth is our greatest calling and responsibility. [Learn More]

We promote natural, organic living that is mindful of our carbon foot print, strives for zero waste and sustainable eco-friendly solutions. [Learn More]

We find inspiration for self-expression in nature. We consider our creations impact on the earth and only produce those things that nurture harmony. We promote “Earth Conscious Creativity” [Learn More]