Tribe of Eden was founded on the belief that, living in harmony with the earth is what brings us closer to Father God and Mother Earth and ultimately our authentic self. It is with this belief that we set our sights on building up sanctuaries, schools, places of healing and sustainable living conditions. Our mission is to create the atmosphere for spiritual awakening, positive vibrational energy, holistic health, environmental stewardship and tribal unity. It is for this purpose that we developed the following offerings:

Media Group
  • Website & Blog
  • Social Media
  • YouTube Channel
  • Quarterly Magazine/Community Guide
  • Online Radio Station
Curated Experiences
  • Community Event Production
  • Exhibits & Performances
  • Workshops, Classes & Educational Programs/Activities
  • Networking & Meetup Events
Community Garden Designs
  • Edible Landscaping
  • Therapeutic Gathering Spaces
  • Wildlife Attracting Systems
  • Sustainable & Self-Sufficient Design
  • Locally Sourced Recycled & Reclaimed Materials
  • Eco-Educational Signage